Marge and Gower Champion c. 1950’s

Gower Champion AKA Gower Carlyle Champion

Born: 22-Jun-1921 Birthplace: Geneva, IL

Died: 25-Aug-1980 Location of death: New York City

Cause of death: Cancer

Marge Champion (born September 2, 1919)


Gracie Allen and George Burns having breakfast

Gracie Allen AKA Gracie Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen

Born: 26-Jul-1895 Birthplace: San Francisco, CA

Died: 27-Aug-1964 Location of death: Beverly Hills, CA

Cause of death: Heart Failure


1958: Joanne Woodward with her Oscar for Best Actress for her role in The Three Faces of Eve (1957); her husband Paul Newman is by her side, loving her.

(Source: hedda-hopper)


Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman


Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman


Kate & Johnny “Past and Present” by Francois-Marie Banier, 1994.

Jimmy Stewart marries Gloria McLean, 1949 

(m. 9-Aug-1949, her death. 16-Feb-1994) Daughter: Kelly (twin, b. 7-May-1951) Daughter: Judy (twin, b. 7-May-1951)

Joel McCrea & Frances Dee - gorgeous! ( m. 20-Oct-1933) Son: Jody McCrea (actor, b. 6-Sep-1934) (via Saddles and Spurs: The Great Westerns.: Joel McCrea)


Robin Wright Penn, Dylan Penn & Sean Penn, at home, Malibu, 1991

Rita Hayworth and Edward C. Judson (m. 29-May-1937, div. 22-May-1942) (via Film Noir Photos: Hollywood Marriage Go Round: Rita Hayworth)


Natalie Wood and Richard Gregson